Medicare for All PhRMA Action in Washington DC


Astronomical health care costs and lack of access continue to drive individuals, families, and businesses past their breaking point while insurance companies continue to soak-up billions of health care dollars as millions of children’s basic needs go unmet. Medicare has provided guaranteed health care for millions of seniors for more than 51 years. It’s time we have a Medicare for all, single-payer health care system that would end health disparities, effectively control costs, and assure that everyone has equal access to an excellent standard of care.

Everybody In

We need a single-payer, national health care system which guarantees care for all regardless of their ability to pay. Expanded and improved Medicare for all means everybody in, nobody out.

Support Is Growing

Seventy percent of people in this country support Medicare for All. In 2018, 70 congress members formed the first Medicare for All caucus to make health care a reality.

We Need You

Medicare for All can only be achieved through a broad based grassroots campaign. Join us to replace this broken profit driven system with a health care system that serves us all.

Welcome to the National Movement
for Medicare for All

Medicare for All can only be achieved through a broad-based grassroots campaign to replace our current broken system with one that serves us all.

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